Workshop on

Future Prospects for Quality of Service

14 May 2002 Golden Tulip Hotel, Maastricht, The Netherlands

The TEQUILA IST Project organised its second workshop on IP Quality of Service on Tuesday, 14 May 2002 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The workshop was held in conjunction with the 4th Premium IP Cluster Meeting.

The workshop considered QoS developments over recent years and asked whether the technology was ready for the wider Internet or whether further development was required. It had long been considered that IP networks should have the ability to differentiate between traffic classes or to prioritise traffic from different users. However, whilst contemporary routers provided these basic capabilities, exploiting these features to facilitate end-to-end services required careful coordination and configuration.

The workshop discussed a range of approaches from over-provisioning to more sophisticated policy-based traffic engineering solutions. There was particular reference to the work of the IST Premium IP projects and their relevance to QoS provisioning. In addition, the future prospects for QoS were considered.

The presentations made at workshop are available. A list of attendees is also available.

Background on the TEQUILA project
The European project TEQUILA (IST-1999-11253) stands for Traffic Engineering for Quality of Service in the Internet, at Large Scale. TEQUILA's main objective is to study, specify, implement and validate service definition and Traffic Engineering tools for the Internet. The TEQUILA system aims to provide both quantitative and qualitative service guarantees through planning, dimensioning and dynamic control of traffic management techniques based on DiffServ. The project addresses the following technical areas: specification of static and dynamic, intra- and inter-domain SLS (Service Level Specification); protocols and mechanisms for negotiating, monitoring and enforcing SLSs; and intra- and inter-domain traffic engineering schemes to ensure the network can cope with the contracted SLSs - within domains, and in the Internet at large.

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